Magnetic Torquer Rod (LEO) 0.2Am2

Magnetic Torquer Rod is regularly used in Communication Satellites and Remote Sensing Satellites. They are predominantly used for momentum dumping i.e. de saturation of momentum wheels and reaction wheels. Angular momentum and notation control of spinning momentum biased and dual-spin spacecraft.



Parameter                                            Value
Magnetic dipole moment                      0.2 Am2
Power                                                  175 mW @ 5V
Operating Temperature                       -400C to +800C
Envelope                                              60mm X 14mm X 14mm (L, B, H)
Mass                                                    30 g
Mechanical I/F                                      4 Nos of M2.5 screws/tied to PCB
Electrical I/F                                         Direct soldering of coil wire or 24AWG pigtail leads to PCB
Random vibration                                 15 g rms
Linearity                                               +/- 5%