Magnetic Torquer Rod (LEO) 15Am2

MTR are regularly used in Communication Satellites and Remote Sensing Satellites. They are predominantly used for momentum dumping i.e. de saturation of momentum wheels and reaction wheels.Angular momentum and notation control of spinning momentum biased and dual-spin spacecraft.


 Parameter                                        Value

  • Magnetic dipole moment                15Am2
  • Operating Voltage                           28 (+4/-2) V Raw bus
  • Operating Temperature                 -30 ºC to 50 ºC
  • Core Material                                 Suitable soft magnetic alloy Permendur 49
  • Coil Material Type                          M2 Class 220 Magnet wire
  • Protection and monitoring              Back to back Zener diode protection network and resistive potential divider for V monitoring
  • Mechanical envelope and
    interface (MTR Assembly)              As per drawing No. RCI1-MT15-3-020/00
  • Electrical interface                          9 pin D-type connector (plug)